Man Bites God Presents
Theatre of the World

About Theatre of The World

Welcome to the Theatre of the World.

It's more than just a Podcast.*

Man Bites God, musicians and raconteurs, invite you into their Podcast Parlour for a delightful chat, some readings, songs and poems. Every episode of Theatre of the World is a funny, rambling collection of musings on a different theme. Reserve a seat for your ears and the rest of your body is admitted free.

* It's just a Podcast.

About Man Bites God

Man Bites God is a band that began life back in the early 2000s and, in the years following, has maintained a sort of badgering presence on both the music and comedy scenes in Melbourne and around the world.

They've made albums (three, to be precise), EPs (also three) working with the likes of Deborah Conway, Bob Franklin and Rob McComb out of The Triffids, and they've played shows with Flight of The Conchords, The Whitlams, Tim Minchin, etc.

The Sydney Morning Herald has called the music of Man Bites God "inspired pieces of wackiness and outrage set to a sharp, jangly pop sound reminiscent of Britpop at its brightest".

"endearing and harmonious... lunatic lyrics and melodic absurdity works well and will undoubtedly give rise to other acts singing from the same hymn sheet... covering a range of styles from barbershop through rock, folk and funk, the songs would have Spinal Tap in a spin... these Melbourne lads can play with more talent than many chart toppers" 
The Scotsman (UK)

"Their music is a smorgasbord of styles and has lyrics that lurk in dark satirical places intellectually crafted songs Man Bites God packs an irreverent punch."
The Age (AUST)

"infectious rock melodies & a '60s boy-band bent"
Adelaide Advertiser (AUST)

"decent pop songs arent often funny and funny pop songs arent often decent, but Man Bites God are all about having the best of both worlds, with their eclectic mix of tunes with a dark, satirical edge"
Forte Magazine (AUST)

"gorgeous harmonisation... boyish charm... they've got the right mix" 
ThreeWeeks (UK)

"Man Bites God are the pinnacle of a twisted sense of humour."
Undercover (AUST)